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Fishing Early Summer Waters

Summer is in full swing, and luckily we’ve had plenty of moisture this spring! The ranch lands are loving the abundance of H2O. The snow-covered mountain peaks are slowly melting away, creating a rush of frigid pure mountain water to the valleys below. The rivers are running high and cold, and according to Pat (Marabou Ranch River Keeper), the fishing has been fantastic.  Fishing the deep, fast moving, off-colored waters can seem daunting to some anglers, but as Pat explains, there are a few tips to snagging a nice trout.


The key is to focus on the slower moving currents and seams.  Position yourself at any side channel or slower moving water inside a bend of the main river. Most importantly, you don’t need to cast too far into the river. Simply, use a roll-cast to properly position the fly.


Quick Beginner Tips for a Roll Cast:

With the line tight in front of you in the water, lift the rod up to the one o’clock position (slightly behind your head). Then simply do a hard forward cast like you would do with an overhead cast. That’s it. The rod should load sufficiently to cast your fly in the direction you need. Don’t pause at the top position or the line will just pool in front of you. Or- simply ask one of our friendly flyfishing guides to show you how.}


Whether you are fishing from the bank or a boat, this simple cas will position the fly where it needs to be.


Pat reveals, the most overlooked seam in the Elk River is the one closest to the River House Lodge! Try the inside seam for more fishing success during our high water season and you my just be rewarded.


Fish On!


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