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The Ranch

On the River

Surrounded by 1,717 acres of ranch land and open space, only 62 custom luxury ranch homesteads grace the Marabou Ranch mountain property landscape near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

About Marabou Ranch


Carefully chosen in prime locations, each Colorado homestead is its own private refuge, nestled among vegetation and valleys to maximize privacy and seclusion. Marabou Ranch is a ranch preservation community near Steamboat Springs, Colorado built for those striving for a balance between work and play, old and new, recreation and relaxation. As an intimate private ranching community that is grounded in the authentic Colorado ranch property lifestyle, owners can choose to be an active participant or a passive observer in the daily life of a traditional Colorado shared working ranch. As an active preservation community, Marabou focuses on future-centered conservation practices, in which Ranch owners are incentivized with a $10,000 reward for those who incorporate green building techniques in the design of their custom home.

a true working ranch

the hay meadow

the hay meadow

Picturesque hay meadows and horse pastures beckon you as the gateway to the Marabou homesteads. Over 200 acres of both irrigated hay meadows and dry land hay fields are being farmed and harvested for feeding the ranch’s horses, with the surplus sold to local ranchers. Residents can take part in the cutting and the baling of hay, if they choose.

the cattle ranch

the cattle ranch

The ranch continues its active cattle operation, with its growing herd of Angus. Residents with an adventurous spirit have the opportunity to assist in the care of the animals. The ranch manager, Chad Bedell, is committed to sharing his love of horses, cattle, and ranching lore with Marabou residents.

The stars looked alive that night at Marabou, like they were only 50 feet above us, as if you could touch them. We started seeing shooting stars, one right after the other. My 15-year-old daughter grabbed my hand and said, ‘Dad, I love you.’ I felt as if I gave her the gift of the stars that night. It’s a moment that will be ours forever.”


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