Marabou Ranch is a ranch preservation community in Colorado built for those that want a balance.


We are an intimate private ranching community that is grounded in the authentic Colorado ranch land lifestyle, located just 5 miles from the town of Steamboat Springs.



The Marabou luxury ranch community is spread over 1,717 acres and 77% of the land is dedicated to shared open space. It is designed for families that love the outdoors and who are looking to provide a legacy for generations to come. Owners can choose to be an active participant or a passive observer in the daily life of a traditional Colorado shared working ranch.

“I was born upon the prairie where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures, and everything drew a free breath…I lived like my fathers before me, and like them, I lived happily”

-Ten Bears, Yamparika Chief

The Seasons at Marabou


When the snow falls heavy and hard in a ski town, the true character of the community emerges. Nowhere is this more true than in Steamboat


Colorado’s state animal, the Big Horned Sheep, can easily be seen in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area near Marabou in late spring


In late summer, around the time farmers cut back their hay, grasshoppers flock to the river, making for some of the best dry fly fishing on Earth


Fall brings delicious , edible berries of Chokecherry Bush and Service Berry. So when you head out for a hike, don’t forget to bring a pail!

Light on the land

By incorporating green building technologies, a “light-on-the-land” master plan that clusters luxury ranch home sites for sale and maximizes open space preservation with green agricultural ranch operations, and by using 100% renewable energy certificates, Marabou has achieved a carbon neutral footprint. By successfully balancing release and reduction, Marabou has actually attained a reduced carbon contribution of minus 1,059,965 pounds. Best available technology was used to quantify Marabou’s carbon contribution and carbon reduction values which were then validated with current experts in the field.

Marabou is a model for green agricultural ranch property operations, incorporating rotational grazing which is better for the land and better for the animals. It’s also much better for people: grass-finished cattle are fattened on natural forage, not in feed lots. No hormones or antibiotics are used, yielding healthier cattle that are healthier to consume.

It’s easy being green

All of Marabou’s amenity buildings have achieved a Built Green® average of 140 points, incorporating recycled building materials, energy efficiency, electricity from clean renewable wind power, use of materials that promote improved indoor environmental quality, and environmentally conscious landscaping practices. The minimum requirement was 72 points. Because Marabou recognizes the importance of today’s emphasis on green building, Design Guidelines were developed using green design building guidelines throughout the ranch community. Ranch owners are incentivized with a $10,000 reward for those who incorporate green building techniques in the design of their custom home.

Marabou Ranch was the first Steamboat Springs business to receive Gold Planet Certification for green and sustainable leadership practices. In October 2007, Marabou received the “Sustainable Business Award” from the Steamboat Chamber of Commerce. The EPA honored Elk River Partners with their Green Power Leadership award for exemplary green power procurement.

Building a sustainable tomorrow requires a plan for today and foresight for the future. Stringent environmental guidelines have been built into the long-term vision of Marabou and will be upheld for years to come. Perhaps Marabou’s biggest legacy will be to create a new sustainability model for other national and Colorado ranch property developments through leading by example.