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Happy Cows Actually Come From Colorado

Going Green- as in green grass-

Shared luxury ranch, Marabou in Steamboat Springs, CO, is a model for green agricultural ranch property operations, incorporating rotational grazing which is better for the land and better for the animals. It’s also much better for people: grass-finished cattle are fattened on natural forage, not in feedlots. No hormones or antibiotics are used, yielding healthier cattle that are healthier to consume.

Here at Marabou Ranch, we’ve been doing it this way for some time. The demand for grass-fed cattle is on the rise, and we are happy to provide the highest quality beef for our owners and their families. Many people believe it’s a healthy alternative, and is also a more humane approach to raising beef.

We’re glad to see the growing trend as more and more ranches adopt this principle. “Sales of grass-fed beef comprised just 1.4% of the $18 billion fresh-beef market in the U.S. in 2015, but its growth rate has far outpaced conventional beef in recent years, according to market-research firm Nielsen. Last year, sales of grass-fed beef rose nearly 40% over the year before, while conventional beef grew 6.5% during the same period.” -ELLEN BYRON and SARAH NASSAUER, Wall Street Journal.  While we aren’t new to the grass-fed revolution, we have maintained the standard to produce premium beef for our owners.

At Marabou, our cattle program ensures that we remain stewards of the land, proudly supporting our local producers and ranchers to protect the values and ethics that keep our local agriculture thriving close to home. When it is all said and done, we also believe it delivers a healthier cow; therefor a superior steak.

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