In contrast to the Earthly ruggedness of this authentic working ranch


is a heavenly, five-star spa experience, just for you


Rustic Meets Refined

relax and unwind

The Downstream spa near Steamboat Springs is the perfect complement to your outdoor adventures. Each session is tailored to address your specific wellness and relaxation goals. Our therapists are the best in Steamboat. They are available for sessions in the spa, or you can choose an in-home treatment from your ranch property. Roughing it is a state of mind at Marabou Ranch.


In addition to the many treatments, our hot sauna is always available for ranch property owners and their guests to use. A session in the sauna not only relieves tension in the body, but also revitalizes skin, and promotes overall circulation. Our spa hot tub is also available year round to soak after a long day on the slopes or in the saddle.