On the Northern portion of the property, this homestead offers great views as well as quiet seclusion. Located on the base of a hillside on an edge of aspen groves with views to the Sleeping Giant and overlooks the Elk River Corridor. Solitude is the name of the game for this peaceful lot.

Size: 6.05 acres

Envelope: 36590 sq.ft.

Price: $1.85 M

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A3: 50.569283, -160.048828
A6: 64.886265, -133.681641
B4: 79.639874, -117.597656
B6: 81.892256, -94.350586
C8: 82.154458, -23.115234
C9: 82.246892, -16.809082
D8: 75.004940, -4.042969
E4: 75.275413, -105.468750
F1: 64.867608, -29.663086
F4: 71.152294, -55.810547
F5: 72.718432, -66.643066
G9: 68.784144, -102.744141
F8: 64.510643, -54.799805
C6: 81.678787, -42.934570
G6: 68.318146, -74.619141
A8: 70.005567, -128.627930


Land Map

This overview map is a great way to get the lay of the land at Marabou. As you can see, every site has it’s own benefits and personality. We warmly welcome you to your luxury ranch community.


lot story

This lot is almost reminiscent of Northern Colorado as being the slowest part of the state to receive settlers, due to being cut off by mountain ranges, it has been left to herds of cattle and a few venturesome spirits who care to brave solitude and privation. It’s this adventuresome spirit that led James H. Crawford and friends to traverse the upper Yampa in 1874. Advice from a lone prospector told them of a wonderful site with warm springs; one he called “Steamboat Springs”. Crawford and a friend decided to follow the river and find the springs. Enamored with the spot, James put up a “notice of location” and the stone foundation for a future house. The entire Crawford family soon came out and settle in Steamboat in 1875. It was from one isolated cabin, a village slowly grew.


A Western Country Club…Reimagined

Thanks to conservation policies, a neighbor will never be in view on this peaceful lot. Without building, this piece of property could be your very own piece of history. With ownership at Marabou, you’re entitled to all of the amenities available at Marabou. Take advantage of one of our Guest Cabins along the Elk River, and stay for up to four weeks a year, and you’ll never have to build on your pristine land. Or if you are feeling the call of the west, you can build a home and live year-round on the ranch. With every season offering so much you’ll want to watch the landscape change. On a green summer morning visit The Barn, saddle up, and ride up to your property, hitch your horse on your own plot of land and enjoy a picnic, take in the view of Sleeping Giant and recall days gone by. In the winter watch the plentiful herds of elk and mule deer meander through white powder pawing through the snow as they graze. Enjoy relaxing and knowing these lands are being preserved and protected in keeping with traditions of our forefathers.


Marabou Country Club Cabin

like a country club, only better!

At Marabou, building your dream mountain home is not a requirement. There is never any pressure or deadline to start construction. No matter if you choose to build immediately, or you decide to keep your homesite open, you still have access to all of our outstanding amenities year-round, and four weeks a year at one of the owner cabins. Perfect for your family reunion, or a relaxing couples getaway. Explore more about the cabins below.

Marabou Dedicated to Conservancy

dedicated to conservation

Marabou cultivates a community where families live in harmony with the land’s original residents for generations to come. We strive to make Marabou a place where life’s fondest memories are made year after year, where your children’s children will be able to walk the same meadows, fish the same clear waters and explore the same rolling hills. We vow to preserve the ranching legacy that has been built 100 years of Western heritage.


Featured Real Estate

View Homesite D7

27225 Cowboy Up Road

Seclusion and solitude with a dramatic view of downtown Steamboat Springs and the ski mountain below make this site an elevation oasis. Arguably one of the most exclusive views on Marabou Ranch, this lot will never see another neighbor in its vista other than the occasional bald eagle coasting the ridgelines.

View homesite f5

42030 First Cast Trail

This homesite has a spectacular view of Sleeping Giant, and is nestled among native vegetation for added seclusion. With easy access to the trail system, this lot holds its own personal appeal. Gaze to the North and fix your eyes on the bald mountain top known as Hahns Peak.