Wild West Designs at Marabou

Ever wonder who did the fantastic iron work and spectacular light fixtures around the ranch? We commissioned Wyoming artist Peter Fillerup of Wild West Designs. From lanterns to the front gate, to the ornate chandeliers in the River House Lodge, and the bronze artwork above the Dead Horse Saloon, he’s had his artistic flare on [...]

Winter Activities for Kids

“I’m boooored” will never be said at Marabou.   We spend so much time talking about the adult amenities, we’ve decided to aim this one at the kids and teens! Gang, it’s up to you if you want to bring your parents with. We’ve got so much to do, we wouldn’t be offended if you [...]

The Legend Of Sleeping Giant

One of our most popular “neighbors” and focal points on Marabou Ranch is Sleeping Giant Mountain (Elk Mountain to locals). One of the most iconic peaks in Routt County, he’s well known for his spectacular canvas during a sunset. The Yampa Valley is rich in history and stories from the Utes who lived here before [...]

Mud Season at Marabou

Mud Season: sometimes it’s a dreaded word. It can mean muddy corrals, sloppy bike trails, and windy cold conditions for fly fishing. This year, that is not the case! We were so lucky to benefit from a beautiful indian summer that fell into a colorful and warm fall. Warm temperatures and clear skies meant our [...]