Surrounded by 1,717 acres of picturesque ranch land and open space, Marabou Ranch features premiere Colorado luxury ranch property for sale.


Carefully chosen in prime locations, each homesite is its own private refuge, nestled among vegetation and valleys to maximize privacy and seclusion.


We welcome you to your mountain ranch property, your luxury home on the range, your legacy for generations to come.


Summer at Marabou

Learn to become an accomplished rider, or hone your skills. Our World-Champion Master Guide, Chad Bedell, will help you practice rope and barrel racing on our well-trained horses. Or take a leisurely ride on a custom saddle roaming our miles of equestrian trails. It can all begin from your own luxury ranch property.


Enjoy World-Class fly fishing from your luxury ranch at Marabou. The fishery consists of over two miles on the famous Elk River plus 10 designed still-water fisheries. The ponds are connected by a mile long meadow meander teaming with willing fish. Most days on the water at Marabou are not fishing but catching.


To complete the experience, there are over 20 miles of nature trails and singletrack for all levels winding through the ranch for riding, hiking, and biking along some of Colorado’s most breathtaking scenery. Our neighborhood loops make for a nice 30-minute stroll in the evenings – right from your own mountain property.


the  West  is  still  Wild

Where the vast Rocky Mountains touch the big Western sky lies a storied place called Steamboat Springs. Where buffalo once roamed, now ranchers tend cattle. In this fabled town of legends, Olympians have been born, pioneers have sought gold, and outlaws have run wild. The spirit of the past remains…and by some destiny of fate, Steamboat has not been ruined by civilization but has remained true to its roots.

Featured Real Estate

27180 Cowboy Up Road

With a historic deer trail across this ranch homestead, and aspen groves flourishing, D-5 is nestled in natural beauty.

42350 River Otter Lane

The River Bend ranch homesites enjoy views of the Elk River, Sleeping Giant and have great access to all amenities.